I am tired of career politicians who want to “build a better America, a better Oregon, a better Clackamas County” according to their utopian ideas.

John Ludlow is not like that. John has many times demonstrated that he is willing to stand up to government entities that try to impose on our community what they want rather than what we want (or don’t want).

A good example is the current Clackamas County commissioners caving in to the demands from Multnomah County to help pay for the Sellwood Bridge rebuild. The people of Clackamas County were opposed; the commissioners did it anyway. The people of Clackamas County filed an initiative petition and John voted with the more than 60 percent who said “no” to the bridge fee.

John is not a career politician. John is not a bureaucrat. John does not think he knows better than we do about what’s good for Clackamas County. John’s desire is to lead the county as its commission chair so the commission is responsive to the citizens of Clackamas County.

That is why I am voting for John Ludlow for Clackamas County chair.

Rhonda Bakke


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