(Editor’s note: The following is an open letter to the West Linn City Council.)

To the West Linn City Council: What a good leader should not do is abandon the flock. But more importantly, do not leave the gate open so the predators can attack the flock. This has happened over the past three years and Lake Oswego and Tigard have taken full advantage of West Linn’s ineptness to protect its citizens and the interests of this community.  High-performance leaders are trustworthy.

Trust is a basis for all the relationships in our lives. Without trust, it’s impossible to create healthy and productive environments. Be aware that others are watching you — assessing your values system and integrity. People want to be assured that their trust, followed closely by their respect, is being placed in a safe place — your hands — and that they are indeed wise to follow where you lead.

A good leader gets work done through others. When delegating the responsibility to do the task, it is good to include the authority to perform the task. The city council appointed seven solid citizens who live in West Linn and are willing to lend their resources for the betterment of West Linn.

These seven people serving on the West Linn Planning Commission had no vested interests in this project and were totally objective as they were thorough in their evaluation of the merits of the project. It is obvious this project does not meet the city code in a variety of ways as clearly pointed out by the planning commission.

It is equally apparent the project is not a benefit to this community but would instead impose substantial hardships. There was overwhelming evidence that served as the basis for the planning commission’s unanimous decision to deny the permits. The city council should honor this decision. To do anything less would undermine the planning commission and this community.

Dianne Froode is a resident of West Linn.

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