We will now see the fruits of November whereby anti-light rail forces were put in charge of our Clackamas County government. In their first month in office they have ordered voters to approve simple administrative questions such as, "Should Tri-Met operate the new Portland-Milwaukie light rail line?" Duh. If the voters say, "no," then the Ludlow-Tootie-Savas schemers have won by killing the new line and any others. They must want more vehicle traffic. Next up: Oregon DOT is looking at a new high-speed rail line connecting Eugene to Portland. Whoa! It must run through Clackamas County and that means voters must authorize consideration of such a notion. That's thought-provoking except staffers can't even think about it on county time unless voters say they can. Is this any way to run our government? One wonders how long Clackamas County citizens will put up with such expensive, time-wasting foolishness.

Peter Toll

West Linn

Contract Publishing

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