I came home from the hospital last week to a city torn with outraged cries — messages on my phone and phone calls because West Linn City Council is potentially selling out our city for a preposterous $5 million offer from the city of Lake Oswego for their proposed water treatment plant expansion. This $5 million offer is a cheap and insulting bribe! That’s what it is — make no mistake about it! Definitely a Mafioso direct!

For 44 years the city of Lake Oswego has had ample time to rebuild their water plant within their city. Although, back then the county denied this expansion project. Who knows how Lake Oswego might have previously bribed their way to encroach county property at Clackamas County residents’ expense? I promise you, had any of West Linn’s infrastructures been in Lake Oswego, they would have evicted us or taxed us at an exorbitant cost.

Never have I heard of a city attempting to encroach in another city to build their civic facilities when they have enough terrain in their own city ... and not pay annuities to boot.

Here is another considerably critical assertation: This site’s land foundation is questionable — as fragile as the swimming pool site the city denied to one taxpayer and subsequently imposed a huge penalty to that taxpayer. This site, and all along Highway 43 and east to the river, is Missoula flood residues; it harbors stagnant waters, soggy wet patches and visible petrified matters. I’ve walked through this area from a friend of mine’s adjoining property to this water plant.

West Linn’s 2004 storm and surface waters studies plan demonstrates this whole area need be protected. I believe, too, it is included in city council goal five.

Again, Lake Oswego had ample time to act responsibly by relocating their water structure within their city. Now is their time to do so.

What potential troubles do we invite to our city with global climate phenomena attesting extreme flooding and disasters, plus factual earthquakes awaiting us and predicted ocean water surges ebbing to the falls? Ah, but of course — Lake Oswego speculates and assumes they still could bully West Linn citizens. It shows their pretentiousness and their ostentatious attitudes.

Council, you have sworn to your loyal constituents your integrity to serve them well. Your oath pledged to hear their voices and stand by your people. Now is the time to represent West Linn residents with your upstanding and worthy initiatives. One, 10 and upward of 20 years from today, our children and grandchildren will bless you for denying this gigantic project. I ask you to secure the West Linn Planning Commission’s decision. Refute this project. We all still applaud our planning commissioners for their integrity displayed to their people. You should do no less.

West Linn City Council, refuse and deny the appeal. You love West Linn as much as we do! I rest my case.

Alice Richmond has been a West Linn resident for 54 years.

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