I really hope the council will listen to its citizens, seven neighborhood associations and the small businesses along Highway 43, and support the unanimous rejection by the city planning commission of Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership’s conditional use request. The city council needs to come back to us with a long-term plan for the improvement of our water system that everyone can support. 

I’m really having a hard time believing that common sense can’t prevail here. Rebuilding an industrial site in a residential neighborhood? Destroying a neighborhood for the benefit of two other municipalities? Condemning CC&Rs for limited local benefit? And then having to pay to receive these so-called benefits? Where’s the common sense? 

West Linn Community Development Code chapter 60.070 Section A, paragraph 3 states that “The granting of the proposal will provide for a facility that is consistent with the overall needs of the community.” If common sense is applied to this proposal, it becomes very clear that it does not meet the overall needs of West Linn, Robinwood or the residents of Mapleton, Kenthorpe and Nixon. Our needs and expectations are far greater.

The West Linn City Council must come back with an intelligent, comprehensive plan that encompasses a solution to all of the regional water and sewer problems for many years. It would be looked upon as visionary, gaining respect and support of the entire city, as well as the region.

Ignoring the will of the citizens, the unanimous vote of the city planning commission, seven neighborhood associations and the small businesses along Highway 43 will bring the city council nothing but disappointment and disdain. As a result, bond issues will never be passed and the city council will never be able to regain the trust and respect of its citizens.

The city council has an opportunity to leave a legacy, please don’t settle for the easy money and the short-sighted solution. Ten years from now all this emotion and discussion will mostly be forgotten, and what will we be left with? We can do better than this.

Jeff O’Brien is a resident of West Linn.

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