TriMet needs overhaul

My name is Jeremiah Johnson, and I declared on Sept. 9 to become a candidate for Metro president. Part of my candidacy platform is to once and for all reign in TriMet.

Metro has suddenly had a handful of press releases declaring how to make TriMet a better agency. The two biggest ones are plans to finally improve westside service and to form a volunteer citizen oversight committee of appointed applicants. They have been asked and have said they have had plans to improve westside service for 30 years, and other than the blue line MAX to Hillsboro little has actually been done.

We know from the failure of past citizen oversight committees, two in a row in Portland put in place to watch over the Portland police, that they simply do not work. They do studies and give input, but have no power and are often ignored out right, while still being a talking point for those in power to make you feel like you have a voice when you do not.

I still propose a complete overhaul of TriMet, the corruption is still there and there is no guarantee that any oversight committee will make any improvements. Don’t fall for empty promises and sleight of hand.

Whether you vote for me in May or not, remember to hold Metro accountable for actually improving TriMet as an agency. They have their own legal code, their own police and they are supported by taxes, yet they are a private corporation with no elected representation. The most dangerous point is the committee will be appointed by Metro itself, meaning they will cherry pick those who will make the least waves and agree with the council and tell everyone they are doing a good job.

Jeremiah Johnson


Pool is an investment

I am writing to urge my fellow West Linn voters to support ballot Measure 3-432, which would fund construction of a pool and community recreation facility in West Linn.

Time and again the citizens of West Linn have demonstrated our commitment to investing in our city’s future. We have invested in our excellent schools, our gorgeous parks, our outstanding library, our dedicated police force and our high-quality city services. And those investments have paid off handsomely, making West Linn one of the most livable cities in the state and nation.

This November, we have the opportunity to make another key investment in our community’s future by voting to approve an aquatic and community center. This investment will realize a goal our community has supported, studied and pursued for more than three decades.

This investment will provide citizens of all ages with resources to maintain their health and well-being at every stage of life. This investment will boost the West Linn economy, increasing property values and attracting visitors to local businesses. This investment will help ensure that West Linn remains the healthy, thriving and vibrant community that we all value so much.

Please join me in voting yes on Measure 3-432.

Greg Williams

West Linn

Register to vote by Oct. 15

Are you registered to vote? Please take time to register to vote by Oct. 15.

Registering is not difficult. In Oregon, go online to or visit your local elections office, or go to an Oregon Department of MotorVehicles office to see how easy it is to register to vote.

Some of the most common reasons to update your voter registration are:

  • Having moved since you last voted;
  • Changed your name;
  • Changed your party;
  • Not voted for five years; or,
  • Never registered before.
  • Please don’t be among the 1 in 4 Americans who are not registered to vote.

    Remember that throughout history, men and women have given their lives to secure the basic right to vote. Imagine what our community and country might look like if every eligible American was registered to vote. Please take the time to register to vote. Then read up on the issues and candidates so by Nov. 5 you will be an informed voter who is ready to contribute your voice to making democracy work in Oregon.

    Marlene Byrne


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