The subject of a local pool has been around since 1947 when the school district closed the community pool at the high school. Since then numerous attempts have been approached (surveys) with the overall result that the residents of West Linn would like a community/aquatic center. Finally, the ballot Measure 3-432 offers a vote for our future.  

Points to consider:

This is West Linn’s centennial year celebrating accomplishments and progress over the last 100 years. According to Money magazine, West Linn is named one of the best cities to live in the United States. What we don’t need is another hundred years without a community aquatic center. Ballot Measure 3-432 offers a local community center for all residents.  

Benefits of a community aquatic center include:

1. Year-round facility for fitness, social, educational, recreational and health activities.

2. Therapeutic water activities of special benefit to those with health and age-related conditions.

3. Cooperation and coordination with adult community center and parks and recreation activity schedules.

4. Coordination with school-related activity and swim schedules.

5. Year-round promotion of community centered events.

6. Lifesaving swimming and first aid classes help to prevent water-related injury or death.

7. Multiple spaces for a wide variety of group and community classes and meetings.

8. Several national studies point out that community based activity centers serve to offset juvenile delinquency.

Other considerations to ponder:

  • The proposed facility will available nearly 365 days a year. While schools only stay open for certain months and days, the center will provide year-round after-school and summer activities for all age youth.   
  • The facility will provide both professional and summer youth employment opportunities.
  • With the 3-432 bond, the city’s general fund will be repaid for the purchase of the land — saving $118,000 per year in interest and debt payments. In addition, within five years, 40 percent of this levy will be offset from the retirement of prior parks bonds passed by voters in 1998 and 1999.  
  • Seniors and citizens who value the West Linn Adult Community Center should see their support of the community recreation and aquatic center with a yes vote as a gift to our future families.   
  • Where is it stated that a recreation center, police service, schools, a library, public works and administrative services are to be a profit-making venture? Such facilities and services are for the public good, need, welfare, health, education and wellness. The cost involved for these services are part of our economic structure.

    Comment from a future resident of West Linn of 2015: The reason I moved my family and business to West Linn was because of schools, parks and the community/aquatic center.

    Mike Watters is a West Linn resident.

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