Let’s move ‘forward and shine’

An election recall is a costly action taken by a community against its elected officials when the majority of the community feels its elected officials have egregiously violated trust or behaved unethically against the community. Mistakes have been made, admitted to and rectified.

Decisions have been made that some members of our community are not happy with. Some recommendations by advisory panels have not been taken.

None of these actions come close to meriting a recall and do nothing more than inflame ill feelings amongst neighbors. Filing a recall purposely rips away scabs from wounds that some people feel it is in their own interest to never see healed. Our current city council is made up of upstanding members of our community — husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, neighbors — who give selflessly of their free time, trying and succeeding to do their best for all of West Linn during these difficult times.

Surely there are better ways to focus this community’s money and time in a way that would actually help our citizens and move West Linn forward and shine, as it deserves.

Alex Kachirisky

West Linn

Yes, laws do matter

The West Linn City Council was found in violation of open meetings laws as cited by the Oregon Government Ethics Commission on Aug. 23. They received a slap on the wrist for this violation and were told not to do it again (

The cavalier attitude of the council regarding this matter is rather disconcerting since they have not apologized, much less done anything to rectify the situation or hold anyone accountable.

Where does the buck stop in West Linn?  They chalked it up to poor legal advice, but if I get poor legal advice I’m looking for a new attorney. It must have cost a lot of money to defend the council for its improprieties, meanwhile potholes go unfilled and our water infrastructure crumbles.

I applaud the council for stepping up and volunteering to serve the city. It is a thankless job and a tremendous time commitment. But it also comes with an oath to uphold the laws of the city and state. No one could argue our society is based on laws because without them our society would degenerate in to chaos. That’s a given. So does it not set a poor example for young people when our elected officials violate the law and show no remorse and do anything to ensure it won’t happen again?

If the mayor and the council won’t take responsibility for their actions, they need to be replaced posthaste. Please visit for more information.

Curt Sommer

West Linn

Holiday is blue after theft

I am saddened by the theft of numerous decorative items from my yard this weekend. While none were valuable in the sense of money, they represented many years of fun in collecting the frogs, angels and blue bottles that disappeared.

I am trying to believe that someone needed them more than me. I feel violated and a little unsafe knowing that I had unwelcome guests on my property. It will take me awhile to regain the safety and happiness my home has always given me.

A big thank you to my neighbors for their kindness and to the West Linn Police Department for their professionalism. I am wishing for a better new year and hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

Linda Bell

West Linn

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