‘Beer Cave’ needs a name change

After the controversy about losing a popular and long-time mechanic with a shop at the gas station on Highway 43/Willamette Drive in favor of a convenience store, visitors, people passing through and citizens are greeted by the “Beer Cave” sign. Being a 31-year resident of this community, the name of the new store offends my sensibilities and is not really a great representation of West Linn. Maybe the owner of that property should reconsider.

Linda Clark

West Linn

Tan is a ‘bright light’ for West Linn

A bright light for West Linn leadership! That is how City Councilor Jenni Tan is perceived by many in our community, and I echo that sentiment fully.

As co-founder and president of the West Linn Community Task Force (WLCTF) since 2010, I have been very happy and grateful for the support that our nonprofit has received from the city of West Linn including such things as local grant support to helping the WLCTF with booth exposure at the summer Concerts in the Park events to Mayor John Kovash’s public support at our annual school community outreach and education events. It has been fantastic to see some of our city leaders involved in important projects that improve the community.

Regarding the task force, Tan has been the most engaged from the city; her efforts to help the WLCTF continue grow, in order to further educate both local students and their parents on the serious consequences of drug use, abuse and bullying, have been appreciated by our volunteer community organization which depends on local partnerships.

Outside of the support for the WLCTF, it has been great to see Jenni Tan involved in many other projects that improve our city, especially with our youth. As a mother and city representative, Tan has the perfect combination of awareness and action, which lend credibility to the situation and produce strong outcomes.

Please let me know if you have any questions as I would be happy to discuss in person.

Julie Edwards

West Linn

Russ Auto Care to close doors

It is with great sorrow that I will be closing the doors to my business, Russ Auto Care, effective Feb. 15. I have truly enjoyed serving all of you here in the West Linn and surrounding communities. I will sorely miss all of you. Your loyalty has never gone unnoticed.

Due to bad relations with the property owner and other personnel reasons, this decision had to be made. It was not an easy decision to make and I truly tried to hang on for all of you.

Russ Leinbach

Russ Auto Care owner

West Linn

Despite vandalism, ‘it’s time for a change’

Well, I placed a sign for West Linn First on my property since I believe it’s time for a change, and several days later someone spray-painted over it and over my rock wall below, too.

Hmm, I wonder who would be interested in doing so? I can’t think of anybody else than those whom this recall is aimed at. Would any one of them do it personally? I really doubt that, it would help the recall itself. Was anyone told to do it? Maybe.

Another option is that somebody else disagrees with this recall to the point of a desperate measure.

Whoever did this, I have an info for you. I had lived in a communist country for 28 freaking years and if you think this means anything to me or it even scares me you are wrong. Even if you break my windows or poison my pets or whatever bravery you are capable of, I still believe the same truth.

Part of it is that this city did not protect my property from you, so those in charge of it didn’t do their job again. That’s how I see it. FYI — brand new sign is back there again and I can have as many as I want.

Tomas Pudil

West Linn

Councilor has ‘unwavering commitment’

I have known Jenni Tan for almost six years now. About four years ago, I remember talking with her son, who was then 4, about his upcoming birthday party. I asked him what gift he would like. Very excited, AJ said he wanted canned food and towels for the Clackamas Women’s Shelter.

As a mother of two children myself, I know you cannot fake that excitement or teach that to your children. AJ embodied the pride and energy Jenni had in public service. The fact that he could deliver support to people in need on his birthday was truly exciting to him.

Over the years, I have had a chance to see Jenni truly take her focus on community service to a new level as part of the West Linn City Council. Her friendly and approachable style helps her fight her cause without being polarizing, but sometimes makes it easy for us to miss that she has stayed true to her unwavering commitment.

Rekha Shenoy

West Linn

Elected officials should be held accountable

I read City Councilor Jody Carson’s (Citizen’s View) in a recent Tidings (Jan. 30) with interest. She began by mentioning the chemical spill in West Virginia and the risk of depending on a single source of water for a city.

With her experience on the South Fork Water Board, I have to assume that she knows we are already connected to Portland’s Bull Run by various existing intertie agreements. The delivery of that water would be challenging but so is getting water from Tigard due to the lack of necessary infrastructure.

Her second reason why this new (and improved) intertie agreement is so important is that we are “guaranteed 4 million gallons per day for at least the next 27 years.” This is simply not true! The actual agreement states: “The party supplying the water shall endeavor to supply the amount of water requested by the other party so long as such actions are not detrimental to the operation of the supplying party’s own water system.” Further it states that Lake Oswego-Tigard will supply up to 4 million gallons through 2041. This is no “guarantee” and in no way gives us any benefit over our previous intertie agreement. 

The old agreement, which has worked well the last 10 years, has provided West Linn and Lake Oswego water each on seven different occasions. There was no cap in the amount of water and we paid our rate for the water and not Lake Oswego’s rate which will now be substantially higher. This inferior intertie agreement negotiated by our city manager seems to favor LOT over the interests of West Linn and was initially questioned by several members of our city council prior to them adopting in with little or no public input. 

West Linn needs to hold our elected leaders accountable for the decisions they make and particularly when they make them without considering the impact on the citizens/taxpayers in West Linn. 

Lamont King

West Linn

Practice a little patience, please

People please, chill out at the movie theater! Three friends and I (all over the age of 60) went to the Wilsonville movie theater yesterday to enjoy an afternoon movie and good company. Friend G arrived just as the movie was starting. She sat down, reached into her purse and took out her phone to turn the sound off. Unfortunately, it had already been off so she inadvertently turned it back on. You guessed it, about an hour into the movie her phone rang. One ring. She was able to retrieve it from her purse and turn it off in one ring! Yet the man sitting down from us proceeded to yell at her about it, making more commotion than the phone did.

As soon as the movie ended another man from several rows down approached and began yelling at us about it. She wasn’t talking, she wasn’t texting, she just made a mistake. Can’t we please be just a tiny bit more tolerant of a mistake? The only thing you might have missed in that movie was Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep using the F-word three more times each in the space of that five-second phone interruption. The movie was mostly attended by people that were raised in gentler generation but it sure didn’t seem so when being yelled by grown men.

Kindness and forgiveness go a long, long way.

Linda Smith


Abortion letter logic convoluted

I am fascinated by the convoluted logic of one of the statements in Marylin Shannon’s letter (“Sign petition to help end taxpayer funding of abortions” Jan. 30) regarding her petition. “Whatever your position on abortion, certainly you can agree: Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for elective abortions.”If you parse that quote, it, by itself, shows how blind she is to the idea that anyone could ever disagree with her.

First, she assumes that elective abortion is such a unique medical procedure that it must be considered alone and differently from all other medical decisions. Second, she assumes that taxpayers should be allowed to pick which line items of the budget they agree to fund.Whatever your position on petitions, certainly you can agree: Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for selective opinions.

L.D. Modell


Don’t support Oregon Only CRC plan

I write to you as a concerned Oregonian with extensive knowledge of Vancouver and Clark County gained as an active member of the board of directors of the Fort Vancouver National Trust (FVNT).

As chair of the long-range planning committee, I helped FVNT respond to the Columbia River Crossing proposal, which included using eminent domain to take land away from both the National Park Service and city of Vancouver property.

The risks Oregonians face to pay for the Oregon Only plan invalidate the rationale advanced by project proponents. Will we collect toll revenues from Washingtonians determined to not support a bridge with light rail? Clark County voters twice defeated attempts by C-TRAN, the local transit agency, to fund light rail costs.

Are Oregonians prepared to provide construction and operational funding for light rail in Washington? Mitigation for the land taking from FVNT and the National Park Services is required by Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. A “community connector” covering portion of Interstate 5 is part of the mitigation agreed upon within the current proposal. Are we prepared to build it?

It should be very clear that there is well-organized and politically strong opposition to the current CRC proposal. The Oregon Only plan makes a mockery of Washington’s sovereignty to determine its own transportation priorities. Oregonians would be just as opposed if the situation were reversed.

The risk versus reward ratio of the current CRC proposal is completely out of balance, imperiling the state of Oregon’s bonding capacity, general fund and transportation priorities for decades into the future.

As a representative of the citizens of the state of Oregon, I ask that you refuse to support the Oregon Only CRC proposal.

Bing Sheldon, FAIA

Northwest Portland

Contract Publishing

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