I wrote a column in June 12, 2014, issue of the Tidings headlined by Tidings editor Luke Roney as “Council taking WL in wrong direction”.

At end of my column there was in my opinion inappropriately appended an “Editor’s Note”. It was undoubtedly due to Roney contacting the City and inviting its response to my column. The result was for Assistant City Manager Kristen Wyatt to attempt to refute my assertion in my column that the only purpose of a booster pump station at the top of the hill in West Linn’s Rosemont water pressure zone is to feed water for expanding urban development of West Linn into the Stafford Triangle. Wyatt’s way of trying to refute my assertion is to cite Page 1 of the Executive Summary of the 2008 adopted Water Master Plan, which includes the statement that “The study area for this master plan includes the City’s existing water service area and all areas within the City’s existing UGB (Urban Growth Boundary)."

What puts the lie to that is a comparison of the excessively expensive and oversized 2008 Plan (oversized in both its amount of proposed water storage volume and pumping capability and estimated to cost $21 million in 2008 dollars) versus the 2004 adopted Water Master Plan which is perfectly adequate to serve through build out of West Linn within its present UGB and estimated to cost $6,914,000 less to complete than the 2008 Plan.

The 2008 Plan has a proposed total reservoir storage volume of 4.3 million gallons, consisting of 4 million gallons in a new oversized Bolton Reservoir and 0.3 million gallons in a new oversized Bland Circle Reservoir No. 2. Our detrimental mayor and council anticipate receiving a compensation of $5 million from Lake Oswego for the council’s overturning of our Planning Commission’s admirable disapproval of Lake Oswego’s application for the disruptive expansion of its water treatment plant in West Linn with its attendant problem-laden 4 foot diameter pipe to carry water to Lake Oswego.

In contrast, there is only a total of 3.1 million gallons in reservoir storage proposed in the 2004 Plan, consisting of 2.4 million gallons in a new Bolton Reservoir, 0.6 million gallons in a new Horton/Rosemont Reservoir to be located on the same site as existing 2 million gallon Horton Reservoir (1.5 million gallon useable capacity), and 0.1 million gallons in a new Bland Circle Reservoir No. 2. This total of 3.1 million gallons of storage in the 2004 Plan is fully adequate to serve the City through build out within its present UGB.

Therefore, there is an extra 1.2 million gallons more storage in the 2008 Plan than in the 2004 Plan. That extra amount is not needed to serve the City within its present UGB.

For a more comprehensive comparison of 2008 Plan versus 2004 Plan refer to my blog at

Also, as I pointed out in my previous column, our City Council has already approved of and built the above referenced booster pump station under the false excuse that it was needed to supply water to a new school built along Rosemont Road. There was more than adequate water supply capability for that school without the pretense of having to build that booster pump station to supply it.

Bob Thomas lives in West Linn.

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