Our schools need the leadership of Regan Sonnen Molatore, Trey Maust and Dylan Nelson

Nelson, Maust and Molatore provide leadership

Our communities, West Linn and Wilsonville, have proudly supported our children on the steady road to success. They appreciate the personalized, heroic work of our teachers and leaders. The essential work of our schools is dependent on wise, coherent, and thoughtful leadership from the school board. In this complex time, like no other, our schools need the leadership of Regan Sonnen Molatore, Trey Maust, and Grady Nelson. Regan demonstrates her sharp, thoughtful critique and forward looking leadership in her current board role. All three of these candidates worked to gain experience and understanding of the unique complexity of our excellent schools though service to the district schools. They have learned that excellent schools do not happen by accident. They understand the interplay of factors that contribute to our uniquely successful schools. They all have children in school to keep them grounded in the importance of school to the life our community. These candidates will continue to steward West Linn-Wilsonville excellence forward with knowledge, skill and heart so each child, every child in our care meets success and graduates ready for the wide world.

Jane Stickney

West Linn

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