Portland firm Cardno submits application for site design review

by: CITY OF WILSONVILLE - A proposed redevelopment of the former Kravens sports bar would feature a pair of comfort food restaurants in the same building, although the exterior would be entirely different than what now exists.The mystery surrounding the former Kraven’s sports bar in Wilsonville continues, as preparations mount for the renovation of the building.

After nearly two years of speculation among local residents, an application for a site design review for the property was received by the city of Wilsonville July 7. It shows that the owners, the Sonnen Living Trust, intend to overhaul the existing restaurant building and divide it into two separate restaurant spaces.

There remains no word, however, on what restaurants will fill those spaces.

“I’d like to know, too,” said Wilsonville Director of Current Planning Blaise Edmonds, who previously said the potential tenants are being kept confidential by the property owners and their representatives.

A look at the application, however, shows the applicants intend to divide the building into two 2,400-square foor restaurants and improve both the interior and exterior to the point it will not be recognizable to anyone familiar with it up to this point.

“Tenant improvements are proposed for both the interior and exterior of the building, as well as the addition of the outdoor patio seating and some additional site landscaping, sidewalks and updates to the existing monument sign,” the application reads.

The parking lot will be repaved and re-oriented to face the building’s frontage, which would face west under the new plans, and the architectural styling of the building will be “altered to remove the significant façade and aluminum canopy to create an updated, timeless style that is more in context with the Wilsonville Town Center and recent development in the area.”

At this point, the site plan will be sent before Wilsonville’s Development Review Board for site plan review, likely in August, Edmonds said. The application would not require a public hearing before the City Council at any step in the process because the proposed use is not only a permitted commercial use but also the same as that it would replace.

“I’ve been calling them comfort food restauarants,” Wilsonville Planning Director Chris Neamtzu said recently. “And it looks like they would split the building into two spaces, one for each of these chains. They are national chains and they are in the Portland market, at least one of them is. One of them would be a south of the border-type of chain, the other more of an Asian-type of a chain. It’s very positive, our interactions with them.”

The application was submitted by 29991 Town Center Loop Wilsonville LLC, a newly-created limited liability corporation registered with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office in Feburary of this year. International infrastructure and environmental services firm Cardno is the authorized representative in charge of design for the site and is responsible for the site plan drawings and materials submitted to the city.

City records show Perlo Construction of Portland was issued a city demolition permit June 17 for an estimated $20,000 worth of work described as exclusively interior demolition.

The former Kraven’s sports bar at the corner of Southwest Wilsonville Road and Town Center Loop West opened in 2008, but never really seemed to generate that much momentum. This made it less than surprising when the business suddenly shut its doors in 2012 following a business dispute between the managing partners.

Demolition work on the building’s interior started last month around the same time that Jiggles’ long-standing lease on premises overlooking the Nyberg Road exit off Interstate 5 in Tualatin expired, sparking new rumors the notorious strip club would move to Wilsonville.

By Josh Kulla
Assistant Editor / Photographer
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