You, too, can help your neighbors

In this season of giving and sharing, Wilsonville Community Sharing continues to focus on the needs in the community. 

Did you know that on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, WCS received 25 calls for assistance from people who had received utility cutoff notices? They were seeking help to pay the bill and keep the heat on. Did you know that in November, 90 people a week received food from the food bank? That’s a lot of hungry folks in our community.  

The need is here. We strive to help. You, too, can help your friends and neighbors.

Cheryl Kelly

Wilsonville Community Sharing secretary


Thank you, Historical Outreach Foundation

As a veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm and Operations Enduring Freedom and New Dawn, it was a natural fit in accepting the role of development director for the Historical Outreach Foundation (HOF). In addition to my continued service to our country, I now proudly represent an organization deeply committed to educational programs honoring our rich military history.

Founded in 2009, the HOF is a nonprofit organization that drives the funding for the new Brig. Gen. James B. Thayer Oregon Military Museum and provides educational outreach programs. Whether they are teaching the Lewis & Clark expedition, the Civil War, World War II or events of the day, educators now have a variety of unique opportunities to bring their history lessons to life.

When the doors open at the Brig. Gen. James B. Thayer Oregon Military Museum in Clackamas, interactive and dynamic exhibits will illuminate Oregon’s military history and inspire a respect for those who serve our country. Today, the Historical Outreach Foundation brings programs into schools to engage third-12th-graders with hands-on activities, connecting them to the events that have fashioned the world we live in.

Outside the classroom, the Veterans Legacies Project is collecting photos, video and personal accounts of veterans from across the country. This populous database is accessible to all, because when we share our history, we keep it alive.

I’m grateful to the Historical Outreach Foundation for their commitment to keep history alive and to pay tribute to our military heritage; that’s why I am asking you to join me in support of their efforts in our community.

As we welcome the new year, please consider a charitable donation to the HOF to honor the men and women who have shaped our world through service to their country.

David Warden


Contract Publishing

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