Voters support Mike Taylor for West Linn-Wilsonville School Board election

Taylor thinks outside the box

Mike Taylor, a school board candidate, recently told me we are likely to incur a large bond issue for a new high school, which will significantly raise our taxes, and limit options for improving our children's education.

Mike predicts a task force loaded with like-thinking appointees that will recommend what the School Board wants: a third full-sized high school costing $70 million plus or minus. Beaverton just completed

their newest high school for $115 million.

But there is another way. Mike suggested forming an "Alternative" committee with volunteers willing to discuss other options that better serve the whole district. One idea would be creating a 200 student STEM magnet building on the Athey Creek property, a trade school attached to Meridian Creek, and a Performing Arts magnet initiated at the Wilsonville High School. No property would be acquired, no athletic fields or coaches, since the magnet students would join existing teams at WL or WV. The cost to handle the projected 400-500 students would be less than half a free-standing High School.

Other alternatives are possible. Both the standard and alternative committees would recommend their best solution to the board. Taylor thinks "outside the box." That's just what we need!

Richard Sakelik

West Linn

Taylor gets transfer student problem

My son attends Rosemont Ridge Middle School which has approximately 130 MORE students than the WLWV school district determined capacity for. It has been that way for over five years. We were promised that once we passed the last bond issue and built Meridian Creek Middle School that the overcrowding would be resolved.

 Now I read that the Superintendent is estimating Rosemont will still be 100 students over-capacity this September. We now have enough out-of-district transfers to fill almost two new elementary schools or one new middle school. Soon the pressure may be on us to pass a bond to build a new high school. 

 Remember that once the out-of-district students are allowed into the WLWV school district, state law and our district policy dictates that these students can stay in our district through high school.

How did the School Board and district leadership allow this to happen? Why didn't the School Board close open enrollment sooner to out-of-district students?

Mike Taylor is running for the WLWV School Board Position 1. He will ask the tough questions and not be silent on the issues that matter to our kids' education. I am voting for Mike Taylor!

Kristen O'Sullivan

West Linn

Recommitting our School Board to quality education

I would like to encourage all voters to mark their ballot for Mike Taylor for School Board this May. Mike Taylor will bring back into the School Board meetings the primary purpose of their existence: to give every student, not just high school students, an opportunity for quality instruction. Mike comes with an arsenal of ideas to support teachers doing what they love: to educate.

Mike Taylor was selected as one of the top 100 information technology executives in the country in 2005. Mike knows how to use all aspects of technology, from connectivity to software quality, and will bring that knowledge and experience to our school district.

Mike Taylor is dedicated to bringing new ideas to address the grades 3-5 low scores in Language Arts and Math. He believes these grades are missing out on the quality education that our district can afford. Unbelievably, our district spends less per student even though our tax rate is second highest of nine neighboring cities!

Overcrowding is not a situation we have to live with, it is not a new norm, but can be resolved by recommitting our school board to serving quality education. Mike knows it's time to recommit, vote Mike.

Alan Smith

West Linn

Vote for Taylor, Hydes, and Fitch

In May, we will be having an election for three School Board members. I have done the research and hope you will join me in voting for these three exceptional people:

Position 1: Mike Taylor showed his involvement with the community most recently when he moderated debates sponsored by the League of Women Voters. He is well versed in technology and will bring to the School Board his knowledge and experience along with new ideas on improving grades 3-5 language arts and math scores.

Positon 3: Dylan Hydes is an attorney who makes time for coaching Little League. He is a former Social Studies instructor who has two children in the school district. He is on the board for Voqal, a nonprofit that works on advancing social equity.

Position 5: Ginger Fitch has children in three of the district's schools. As an attorney, she represents children and parents in cases involving the welfare of the child. She is a true advocate for the youngest members of our society.

We are lucky to have three such high caliber candidates for School Board. Please vote for Taylor, Hydes, and Fitch.

Ed Schwarz

West Linn

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