Is it free? Is it food? Is it fun? Overall, the whole feeling is celebratory and fun and who doesn't need that in their life?

Allison BrowningAs most of you are aware by now, I adore summer. I wrote a love letter to the season last year. This year I'll spare you the details and talk about the lesser known of the two seasons that coincide with each other. This is the start of the season for random festivals. Happily it coincides with my favorite season of summer. I'm usually a big old fuddy duddy, stuck in routine like the rest of you. During summer this is not the case. I make exceptions to the fuddy-duddiness rule during festival season. Because who doesn't want to celebrate a berry or an apple? Right? If there's a celebration to be had, there's a fairly decent chance I'm there with child in tow. What attracts me to this season you ask? Well, let me explain.

There's usually a generous amount of fair food accessible, to my horrific delight. There's something about the smell of fried goodness on a random farm out in the middle of nowhere. I mean who doesn't like a good funnel cake washed down with some French fries and chicken strips while people-watching? Oh, and since we live in this gorgeous state (when it's not raining) the fruit comes right from the very farm you are visiting. How delightful is that?

To me it's utter delight. And speaking of delight, if you happen to attend one of these amazing festivals through the summer months, look at the children. They are out running around, looking at things that they normally don't experience, and getting to have fun in an environment that they probably aren't usually in. Doesn't matter if they hate that cow train; every good festival has one! All the kids eyes light up as the tractor pulls up and the driver tells them to hop in for a ride. It has the potential for utter bliss for kids.

Talk about outside education, right? It shows the children and us a different perspective of life, in real life away from the screens and books. Have you ever seen one of these kids look at the animals when they are up close? To see the understanding of the animal is a good life lesson to learn.

Talk about bonus points.

Yes, some have cost, but I've found the majority of them are free or very inexpensive which makes it nice to everyone to experience. I do appreciate that part!

Overall, the whole feeling is celebratory and fun and who doesn't need that in their life? So the next time you hear about a random festival, and aren't sure if you should go or not, just go! What do you have to lose? Sure the weight goes up because of the fair food, but it's all about the experience. This is something that will be remembered rather than just another fact forgotten. Get out of that rut and go eat some funnel cake while the kids go crazy. I can promise you that it will be something you won't regret experiencing. And know that I'll probably be there with my funnel cake, making sure my child doesn't scare the animals too much. I'll also be the one in the back of the cow train screaming along with the rest of the kids!

Allison Browning is a Wilsonville wife and mother just attempting to figure out adulthood one day

at a time. You can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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