As you might expect, my largest fan base is kids. You can see their faces light up when they see the Batmobile

If you have ever wondered what it's like to be a superhero, I can give you some insight. While not technically a superhero, I do drive a Batmobile. Actually, it's a 2010 yellow Chevy Camaro with a vinyl Batman symbol on the hood. It cost a few hundred bucks, but the return on that investment has been significant. The Batmobile brings out the very best in people, including me.Dawn Cutaia

When I first got the Batman symbol, a few of my friends were taken aback. The woman at the decal store was amused that a 48-year-old female lawyer was getting a Batman sticker on the hood of her muscle car. However, most of my friends were supportive. My friend Broc told me, "This is one of the best decisions of your life. Not many things can instantly make you smile!"

As you might expect, my largest fan base is kids. You can see their faces light up when they see the Batmobile. Their grin is wide and they immediately point to the car and announce to those around them that the Batmobile is in their midst.  

I was in Wisconsin and this little boy who was about 4 years old was so excited to see my car he couldn't speak, all he could do was point to his awesome Batman sneakers. The fact that I was wearing a Batman T-shirt (because of course I wear a Batman T-shirt) nearly pushed him right over the edge.

A few weeks ago a guy came up to my car window at Whole Foods parking lot and said, "My kids love your car, would you mind talking to them about Batman?" He had two boys, around 5 and 9.  The youngest said to me, "I saw you in the movie! You were the mayor and became Batgirl!" He was so excited to meet someone from the Batman Lego movie that I couldn't be offended that he thought I looked like a Lego, but did consider that maybe that was the reason I am still single.

Another time, while in the Batmobile in the Walgreens parking lot, a young girl came right up to my open driver's side window, and with eyes wide and a big smile, she whispered, "You have a real Batmobile."

I was getting my nails done a few weeks ago at Vivid Nails and this young girl was in the salon with her mom.  As her mom was paying, the girl saw my car parked out front.  She tugged on her mom's sleeve, "Mom, look the Batmobile — the real Batmobile!"  Her mom was unfortunately distracted and just said, "Sure, honey."  Sometimes grown-ups are no fun.

I was at the Clackamas mall and just as I was getting back to my car, this young girl about 6 and her dad were walking by and I heard her say, "You can be Batman Dad, and I can be Batgirl, and we can be together forever."

But it isn't just kids who love the Batmobile; grown men and women love it, too. I have driven my car across the country five times and Batman fans are everywhere. People constantly ask if they can take photos of my car; strangers give me the thumbs up or waive as I drive by. At red lights, people in the cars next to me tell me how much they love Batman. Friends text me just to say, "Hey I saw the Batmobile today!"  How many times do you get a text that says, "Hey, I saw your gray Subaru today?"

I've had people leave notes on my windshield about my car, including Paul Volpe from Findlay Auto, who left a note on the back of his business card. All it said was "Awesome" but of course I knew what he was referring to. The 'Batmobile'

 The Batmobile has had an interesting effect on me: I drive a lot more responsibly than I used to. I was a terrible tailgater (East Coast, remember?).  I had no problem getting right up on the bumper of the car in front of me to intimidate the driver into moving over, no problem flashing my brights just to make sure they didn't misunderstand why I was on their bumper. But you absolutely cannot do stuff like that in the Batmobile. You are a spokesperson for the greatest superhero we have and that's a big deal. People everywhere love Batman and as ridiculous as it sounds, seeing the Batmobile has a very powerful effect on many of them. Just today the attendant at the Chevron in West Linn said to me when I pulled up, "We sure could use a hero around here."

With a Batman sticker on the hood of your car comes great responsibility; I accept the challenge.

Dawn Cutaia is an East Coast liberal and attorney who moved to Wilsonville to learn how they do it on the Left Coast. You can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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