Wilsonville firms device injects gauze "pills" into open wounds

A Wilsonville company has invented a pair of new devices it says will help save the lives of gunshot victims and other trauma patients by reducing the time needed to treat their injuries.

Medical device manufacturer RevMedX, which is headquartered in offices off Canyon Creek Road in north Wilsonville, recently introduced the XStat device. Essentially a large syringe filled with pill-sized gauze sponges, the XStat is inserted directly into large wounds. There, the sponges are injected to stop major bleeding within seconds as they expand and fill the wound.

The current means of treating this type of injury – stuffing gauze pads into the wound cavity by hand – is far less precise and is usually excruciating for the injured person. By contrast, the new device will streamline and simplify the process both for the medic and the patient.

The XStat received $5 million in funding from the U.S. Military, according to the company, and is currently in the final stages of approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Meanwhile, the company envisions using a second product, the AirWrap, in conjunction with the XStat and other devices on the battlefield and in other trauma situations. The AirWrap is essentially a compression bandage with an inflatable bladder. It wraps around limbs and other areas of the body, allowing focused pressure to be applied to wounds.

The company was founded by a pair of entrepreneurial-minded scientists, Dr. Kenton Gregory, M.D., and Andrew Barofsky. Kenton is an inventor and the company’s chief scientific officer and also serves as the director of the Oregon Health & Science University’s Center for Regenerative Medicine. Barofsky, meanwhile, is executive vice president and general counsel for the Oregon Biomedical Engineering Institute in addition to his role with RevMedX.

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